Universal Design in Bangkok

We have found the passenger road is so wide after taken off the electric poll at Phaholyotin mail road this year.many handy capped people or wheel chair users had claimed that our public transportation service is not equal for them.
Last Sunday ,one of the wheel cair user had claimed at BTS Asoke station and he ga broken  the grass of the elevator room of the station.
 Today ,we had walked around Chatchat Sunday market and Or Tor Kor market,we have found many differencial of the passenger road.
Wheel chair users have to need supporters ,because many level have been set of the passengers road.
 We need city design have to been set for universal design.

Bank note will be replased for New King's picture

Bangkok post had announced New bank note will be issued on 6th April ,as Chakri Dynasty memorial day.
The face will be King Ram10 and back will be changed ,20 THB note,50 THB note ,100THB note ,500 THB note and 1,000 THB note.

Traditional Thai Style@ Dusit Festival on 10th March 2018

We welcomed our partner that have come back from New Zealand on 10th March. She had been to there to take care our grand daughter for 9 months.
Dusit festival has been organized to celebrate Chakri Dynasty and people can enjoy with old fashined clothes.
The venue are old parliament and Thai Army force ,No1 base.
People are enjoying King Rama 5 period old fashion.

Swan golf with our friends

We have been invited to join the golf at Swan golf with Mr.Mita. He is regulary to play golf there . Other member are also good players . I had lost over 6 balls and my total score was 126. It was not best condition indeed. 

Classic costume as King Rama 5 period

In Bangkok,there are several event. One of the government event is to show Rama 5 period exhibition at old parliament building. Thai government has announced to visit there with classic costume . Our staff ,Mrs.Opp and her daughter are preparing to visit there .

Celebrate girls growing ,HInamatsuri

In Japan,today is for celebrating girls growing day.
For boys ,we have May 5th .
We have a few chance to watch in JP families in Bangkok.
Last Thursday,we had a chance to watch Hinamaturi,celebration for girls at Isetan department store.
It is one of the seasonal decoration .