Old Ratanakorshin Island

Mahakam Fort is welknown by every body in Bangkok and tourist.
But there were old villange that started Rama1 priod.
Some houses was gold smith ,other house was selling water at 5 stang to 25 stang.
Because there was not tap water till Rama 4 and Rama5 period.

 Bangkok metropolitan government had been negotiated to remove old town but many residence were registrated.
There fore some houses are still kept for  next stage.

Saha Group fair2017.6.29-7.3

We had visited Saha Gruop Fair.Queen Silikit National Convention  Center was venue.
It was 21st this year.
Saha Group is mainly comsumer goods manufactures.
So many Bangkokian are waiting this fair as many factory outlet goods they can buy.
 They are welcome with Robbot.

Mahoroba Golf on 24 June,2017

We had enjoyed golf on Saturday 24 June. It was not so hot and no rain in a rainy season. The winner was mr Nagasaki from Osaka via Nepal. He had told us that Nepal people were so gentle and honest. Because after 2 months earthquake 3 years ago ,they had started to make for his order. He is sure that he can do with  Nepal people for his business.

German restaurant at Goethe Institute,Bangkok on 22 June,2017

We have been to Geothe Institute on Thursday 22 June. We had enjoyed German beer and wine with German food. There were so many Thai people. Next table wes birthday party.

JP culture teacher,Mr Mizumoto

Once a month,we have a chance to study JP culture and philosophy . Our teacher is Mr.Mizumoto. We could study JP buddism and Thai Buddism . Thai buddism is followed original Gohtama Dudda philosophy and Duddism. JP Duddism had been via China and its was added some philosophy.
Our class room is located near Thonlow soi 15,Bangkok.
JP style curry shop.
Yes ,its taste is different from Indian curry.
Jp people had been adopted many culture and technology for 2000yeares .

SWEET TAX for beverage in Thailand

Department of Finance in Thailand is preparing to introduce new tax for sweet. It is not only revenue of tax but also future healthy society of thailand. Many Thai people are like to dring not  only alcohol but also sweet beverage. Thai people loves sweet beverage . When they will drink tea ,it should be sweet. 1st stage , tea drinking bottle was not sweet and a few people drink . 2nd stage,sweet tea was sold ,many Thai people loves tea drinking.  
 Yes ,if it would be healthy for Thai people ,not only alcohol but also sweet beverage is an origin of diabetic .