Last session of rainy season?

We have sometimes met water flooded in our office and home. It may be he last session of rainy season. It had started in June and will be finished in October or November.
 Each year,we had met several times water flooded.
Our god,Suzu is so smart that she is lying st the sofa of the office.

In side Phamasy of Bamurungrad Hospital ,2017.9.20

we have visited Bamurungrad International Hospital on 20th Sep. Organisor is JETRO Bangkok. It is as like as hotel face and  inside.
 We have found that they have automated delivery pharmacy for their in patients.
If 600 patients have to use 6 medicine r each ,they have to set 3600 checked.
Before they had installed this Swiss made machine,they had taken so long time and they might have some mistake.
Now it is rare.

If they have met out of  stock this room,they have another medicine stock room Outpatient medicine room is separated. Ok,how many medicines they had kept?

Japanese mission had visited PM Office in Bangkok,2017.9.11

We had joined JP mission on 11 till 14 Sep ,2017. We had a chance to visit PM Office with 560JP businessman. PM Prayut had good presentation for investment in Thailand. After his presentation ,we had group photo as showed.

Business corporation with TH and JP,2017.9.13 at Mariot Imperial Park Bangkok

We have a chance to join the ceremony of MOU with Thai company and Japanese Company. It was cordinated Ministry of Indstry and Embassy of Thailand in Japan. Thai company is Naron Group and JP company is Finetech Co.,Ltd. it was held on 13 Sep at Imperial Queen's park. After the ceremony,we have a chance to visit narong Group on Saturday 16.

Beautiful Bangkok,Blue sky

Bangkok has been the most visited city in the world.
Bangkok welcomed almost 16 million intwernational visitors in 2012 and 2013.
In 2016,Bangkok had collected 21.5million visotors.
2nd best was London and its collected 19.9 million visotors.

Next Generation Automobile symposium,29 Aug.2017

We have a chance to join  the symposium of next generation automotive seminar on 29 Aug.2017 at Land Mark Hotel,bangkok. Toyota,Mitsubishi ,Nissan and FOMM. We had a good chance to study .