Meaklong station and market

we have been to Maekrlong station .It is located in the market . 4 times train has started from the station ,mamny vendors had moved but other time they are doing business on the railways.
There are so many Thai and chinese tourists.

They are playing in the train.
Coloured train. 
 Mahachai port.

84year old GM is still working,at Pinthong Industrial park

We have met Mr.Teruyama on Monday 8 May.
He had visited Thailand 1960.
Since then he had worked steel business.
For his business strong connection,he had invited to set up Industrial Estate business as GM.
1st stage 200 Rai(1600x200=320,000m2)
1st stage was their target for SME and distribution center ,because their customers are located in big inudstrial estate and not so far from them.

2011 was their turning point.

Cnetral Thailand was water flood.
Many of them flooded had moved Pinthong Industrial park.

Before then,Pinthong 1 and Pinthong2 were almost occupied but Pinthong 3 was empty.
But after the flood 2012-2013,they had been full occupied.

Then ,Mr.Teruyama can't stop his work.

We had joined JCC general meeting on 28 April

We had joined JCC general meeting on Friday 28 April.
JCC member has growring to over 1800.
Their board member is also nearly 50.
After the meeting we had special lecturer from Mr.Ito.
The topic is President Trump and his infrience in Asia.

On 30th April,PM Pyayut had a call from USA and he was invited to visit White House from president Trump.

Happy Songkran2017,We had been to Ubon Rachadani


Pantip Sri Chonpoo,Thailand Cherry blossoms?

We could enjoy Pantip Sri Chonpuu.
Sometimes we can call Thailand Cherry blossoms.
On Sunday,we had been to Chatchak public garden.
Many Thai people had enjoyed pink flowers.

BTS New Station,Samron

We have been to Samron,New BTS Startion on Sunday 9 April.
Since 4th April to next May,BTS Bearing and Samron is free.
This station is located in Samut Prakang Province but managed by Bangkok Metro Politan gavernment.
Actually BTS company is controlling .
From the station,we had bysicle and been to Marine Museum.
If the new line will be opened 2020,Samron and Marine museum would have 2 stations.
It had taken 30 munuted ride from Samron .

We could study Marine technology since 1 century ago.


wE HAD VISITED Mahajak Autoparts(map) ON 24 mARCH. Its location is near Minburi and it takes 30 munites from Airport Link ,Lad Krabang station by car.
Their family style management is now changing from 1st generation to 2nd generation.
Their main customers are 90% Japanese companies.