MObility service in Bangkok2018.10.4-10.5

We have supported mobility service in Bangkok

One of our friends has stayed in Bangkok.

He had been to Singapore,KL sonce last week.

His target is mobility service in Bangkok.

It include land transportation ,Train and bus and taxi.

Bangkok has 500 historilcal site and 15 monument.

Dusit Zoo
Old train
Classic car
Pig Memorials

Democracy monument
We had a ride on small bicycle and looked around Metropolitan Bangkok on Sunday 23 Sep.

OVTA HR seminar at Rojana ,Rayong on 19 Sep.2018

We have organized OVTA HR seminar on 19th Sep.2018.
Our meeting room was supported Kobelko Materials Cuppoer Tube (KMCT)
We had about 80 applicants but 50 participants on that day. 

Mr.Nakagawa is out partner.
Mr.Wirat is a director of BOI.
Mr.Ittichai is a partner and Lawyer of Raja & Tann Asia (Thailand)
We have Q& A session .

JP cake,ohagi

We have made ohagi ,with red bean ,azuki and soybean ,kinako with glutinous black  rice. Today is the Autumnal Equinox Day and JP national holiday.

MOL could give us a message

We have been to Ministry of Labor,Thailand.
They had kindly made their  message for our OVTA seminar.
We have gotten this message .

Best Employee company 2018

We have a chance to study at JCC Labor committee meeting last month.

After the report of wage survey of JCC member ,we have a chance to hear 2 of  companies case.

1)One company is BBQ Plaza. It is a roast meat chain of No. 1 in the industry at large shopping centers. When the second generation Ms.ttaya Spampon, took over, she  made an azing changes. First, change the company name from barbecue plaza to food passion. I can tell everyone that it was a job of selling happiness through food rather than selling grilled meat. In addition, she herself  changed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to be Chief Engagement Officer (CEO). Considering our employees, I always tell myself to let employees participate in business. In order to make employees happy, CEO holds a lot of employee events such as holding a welcome party for new employees, a party to eat one kettle rice.
At the same time, we are working on improving the environment of the workplace, and in each branch of the restaurant ,they  have…