H.M.Queen's Birthday,2018.8.12

I HAVE BEEN TO SANAM LUAN(NEAR THE KING'S PALACE0 ON  12TH AUGUST. There are preparing ground back to the palace . Beside the graound ,many blue shirts groups have been sitting. At 16.30,we had met many marching groups. Schools,hospitals,ministries,army school,police school ,private companies are walking to the palace. Tonight,many people had pray for long life of H.M.Queen. Today ,it is also mother's day. Many people had thanks to their mothers.

Funeral of our friend' mother on 4th Aug.2018

Wat Tri Thosathep
RelativesFuneral had started
Line of the prayers

Changing the trend from PC to mobile network

We have been to Central Rama9,E-center.A few people were shopping on Saturday 28. 
We have been to IT mall and Pantip Plaza. We had been to watch the PC about 18 years ago. The trend of PC or nitebook have been changed to mobile phone or tablet.
Pantip plaza has been to shopping center to serviced center. Food court and meeting space are growing.

HM Kings Birthday,2018.7.28

Asarnha Buchaday(7/27)and  H.M.King's birthday (7/28)and Sunday(7/29) and Inleu of H.M.King's birthday are 4 holidays in Thailand.
Palace and official organization had big ceremony for H.M.King's health and long life. We have met many photo of H.M.King at public spaces. 

Laem Chaban Port is developing

We have been to Laem Chaban Port on Friday 20 July.
It has 27 years since the opening the port.
They have 10.80MIllion TEU at 2017 and the 20th lanking in the world.
 Now it has 3rd phase plan and it will bidding soon.
Hachison port Thailand is the one og the biggenst port management company.

Only Pakistan Fair2018.7.15 at QSNCC

We have been to QSNCC on Sunday 15 July 2018. They had held only Pakistan Fair.
They have many medical devises shops ,Pipe manufacturer shop .

Original steal has imported from China.
He had been to Osaka 30yeas ago and can speak JP,EN,Hindu and Thai. He has been selling natual salt.