Tour Expo 2018.2 at Queen Sirikit national Convention Center(QSNCC)

We had been to QSNCC for your expo. We have found so many JP exhibitors this year. One big zone and other several booths. We have understood why Thai people love tour ,expecially for Japan. Some Thai group had been to Japan several times already. They have much knowledge than me. I had bought JR pass for next month tour for JP. JP people who have been to abroad over 10 years can buy JR pass.

 We have met Etiopia tourist agent.

We had joined JCC economic forum on Friday 2nd February.
One of the new trend of retail industry ,e-commerce is growing.
 The post is the No.1 delivery service provider and 2nd is Kerry.
Yes.JP Yamato had set up JV with Siam Cement Group(SCG) and SCG express had started last year.
 We JP people is familier to Black cat in Japan and hope them to work every where in Thailand.

JCC economic Forum2018.2.2@Conrad hotel

2018GDP forecast 4.0% Trade and tourism are main factor of GDP. Consumer parts is 50% of GDP but 20% is tourism relative consume.
 How about private investment?
World stock market is booming but it is one of them.
 We have to watch each parts of the world.
 Quolity and price are the key sucess facotor for JP company.

New Office Building at Rama4 Rd.,bangkok

We had  been to take a coffee at Rama4 Rd. Its building is located at Rama4 and Rachada pisek Rod ,corner. In front of the building ,there were 2 monument as plug ,+ & minus. We have a good idea ,it would be touched. How do you think about your idea?

Bangkok Design Week2018.1.27-2.4

We have been to charoenkrung rd(New road0 on Sunday 28 Jan. There are Thailand Creative Design Center(TCDC) at old central post office. We have found many designer and manufacturer's exhibitions.

New housing project at Rangsit,Phatomtani

From Rangsit to klone 5
rangsit-nakorn nayok Road
Convenitent for the residence i
Modern house
 Fitness center
Entrance of the housing units
many housing unites at Rangsit

New Year at Phu Quoc Island,Vietnam

From cambodia
 Super dragon ,Speed baort
Vietnam and Combodia border
We have arrived Pho Quoc Iskand
Pepper trees
Motoer bike
Brigde hair dog
Resort hotel
Ferry to Vietnam
 Developping new road
Count down for New year 2018