Sweats shop at Chinatown

We have been to Chinatown ,Bangkok.
 It is easier than ever .Sweats shop is located not far from MRT station .

Wat Monkon station  is the nearest.
 There are many customers .

The shop is so small but sweats is so sweat.

MRT,New line had started 29 JUly 2019

MRT had extended new line from Hoa Lampong to Tha Phra,through the tunnel of Chaopraya river to Tonburi side.
 This line has 3 station in Chinatown that many tourists can use this line .
MRT head office had build as tourists attraction station .
We are sure that we had been at the palace or museum .
These station and train were designed by Thai artists.
We can enjoy free ride till the end of August 2019.
 From the Sanam Chai starion,it is not so far Rajini pier .
We can watch the temple of the dawn from Rajini school.

New rote from Bangwa to Tar Chang,near palace

We have been to Bangwa by BTS.We have changed there from BTS to to boat.
It has started 17 June ,from Bangwa to Tar Chang,near palace.
It is similar bus driving.
But  Bangkok Metropolitan government has to take care of canal water. We can enjoy this route ad free ride till the end of December,2019. 

OTOP Fair6.16-6.23 at IMPACT

I had been to OTOP fair at IMPACT on 16th June.
As the 1st day of OTOP ,there are so many people were waiting at the lobby of Challanger Hall.

One Tanbon One Products movement have been started 2000's.
Now there are so many products are made .

We have so many chance to get Thai products at OTOP fair.

Thaifex2019、we have met so many people


Pataya to Jomtien on 25th May

I had been to Pattaya on Saturday 25 May.
I had met an old friend who had lived in Thailand over 20 year .
 He had not lived in down town of Pattaya but Jomtien beach.
He could enjoy marine sports and cycling.
The beach is different from Pattaya and Jomtien beach is more clear.

Music instlement shop in Bangkok

I had been to Central World and Central Plaza Rama 9 last week. But there were some guitar shop and CD shop. I am studying electric piano 1st step. No need high grade piano. On Saturday 18,I had visited Emporium department and Piano shop .

 There are several grade pianos.
Many people had studied piano with up-light or grand piano.
 I am a beginner and no need high grade .
Start is simple .
It is enough.